The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration

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The author of this report collected voluminous information from a wide variety of sources over a significant period of time as the subject interested me. However, in the process some of the references to the original sources were lost and therefore may be omitted. In that case I apologize and suggest that others wishing to use any unreferenced text first confirm and credit as needed. Should you know of any un-cited work that needs to be acknowledged, please contact the author.

As this paper is prepared as a new media internet publication with numerous embedded references, I did not follow standard convention in referencing all authors and sources, as the reader may simply click over to the original source. Unfortunately, unlike old media paper sources, some of the links will eventually go dead and thus the author or source will now be inadvertently omitted. Should you be aware of any broken links where credit should be given, please contact me.

You will also note that in many instance the salient information from the reference or link has been extracted and placed verbatim in this report. This saves the reader a lot of clicking and protects the information from disappearing. In some cases the information is critical to understand the problem but too extensive to completely include. In those instances I add a "must read" notification.


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