The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration


America is unique from most other countries in that she was founded by immigrants from numerous other countries. These immigrants had a vision, work ethic, values, fortitude, imagination, and pioneering spirit which enabled her to become the greatest nation on earth. Most of the immigrants came here by choice and all eventually integrated into AMERICAN society to become a homogenous people. While it took longer for some than others, they and their descendents ultimately became "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." Many, but not all, modern immigrants to the United States are not much different.

However, unlike the distant past, immigration now consists of two components: legal and illegal. This report will not even attempt to cover the many contributions that legal immigrants are currently making to this country. This paper will, however, explore various aspects and direct consequences of illegal immigration that many people are unaware of and most people do not know the full extent of. This is The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration.

In this paper, I will explore some of the collateral damage of the dark side and attempt to frame the issues in ways of direct applicability to the average American. Throughout the paper I will ask whether the collateral damage of illegal immigration is worth it. Assuming that most Americans will say "no," I will then provide specific solutions on what to do about it.

It is an undisputable fact that the vast majority of illegal aliens, the proper term, are Hispanic/Latino. However, this is more a result of geographic factors and poor economic conditions in the countries to our south than anything else. If the socio-economic conditions of Canada and Mexico were reversed, the illegal immigration issue would center on our northern border rather than our southern border.

All ethnic groups and nations have certain common characteristics and tendencies. For example, Americans in general have a nationalistic "we're #1" attitude. This is often construed as an "ugly American" perception by people in many parts of the world. However, we are also one of the most benevolent and forgiving nations as well as one of the most giving people, on a personal basis.

In discussing the issue of illegal aliens, some of the social and cultural characteristics of the ethnicity or nationality of the aliens need to be highlighted, if they are a contributing factor and it is relevant to the discussion. Acknowledging such characteristics is not prejudiced, racist, or xenophobic and it does not make the discussion bigoted. In fact, ignoring such relevancy simply because of ethnicity could be construed as racist.

In any case, the author of this report wants to make it perfectly clear: very few Americans are against a reasonable amount of legal immigration, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity, but most Americans are against any amount of illegal immigration, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity.

It is further to be noted that the illegal aliens are not just a "Mexican" or "Hispanic" problem. It is only that most illegal aliens are currently from Mexico and the vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic. Maybe with the exception of the Swedish Bikini Team, the majority of Americans would be against any people, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity, being illegal aliens in the USA.

That said, we all know that all illegal aliens are simply hard working contributors to American society and are only doing the jobs Americans won't do.

Or do we?

Let us now look at The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration and its collateral damage.

- P.F. Wagner

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