The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration

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For more information on the immigration issue, including the terrorism aspect, see the following links. They are arranged by





I have included additional comments as applicable. While I believe this is the most comprehensive list of immigration related groups and links available, I'm sure I left somebody off. If you know of a group or link that should be included in the next update of this report, contact me

To be included, all anti-immigration links and groups must abide by the overriding philosophy:

Very few Americans are against a reasonable amount of legal immigration, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity, but most Americans are against any amount of illegal immigration, regardless of race, nationality or ethnicity.

While some of the references listed below are pro-illegal immigration, most of the references take a rational position against out of control immigration and illegal aliens. In providing this listing, I have tried to eliminate any racist, prejudiced, or bigoted links or groups, however I have not thoroughly checked the veracity and sanity of all the links listed below and thus do not endorse any of them, even if previously referenced in this paper. They are listed solely as a comprehensive resource for the reader to do their own research on the issue.

Should you believe that any of the anti-immigration groups or links are inherently "racist" or "bigoted" please send me an e-mail. After investigation, should I support your rationale, the link will be removed. However, simply being against illegal immigration or supporting stricter limits on legal immigration does not make a group racist or bigoted, if the reason for position has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Also, "English only" will not be a reason for exclusion.

Amongst some of the "pro-illegal immigration" and "pro-open borders" groups and links, you will find some blatantly racist and prejudiced groups and positions, especially among the reconquistador groups. However, these will not removed as they are listed to specifically illustrate that hate and bigotry is an equal opportunity characteristic.

Regarding the terrorist listings, you will note that they all have something to do with Islam. I would be happy to list any other terrorist groups that are targeting the USA but I do not know of any significant ones that are not Islamic. While I acknowledge that most Muslims are not terrorists, unfortunately most terrorists are Muslim.

For anybody that wants to tell me Islam is a "religion of peace" you must first also denounce and repudiate all of the deceitful, hateful, bigoted, and "kill the infidel" proclamations and directives by Allah and Mohammed in the Quran and Hadith. If you are not willing to do that, I am not interested in hearing your comments about the "Religion of Peace." Should you not be aware of Islamic teachings on the subject, contact me and I will provide you the chapter and verse for you to repudiate. Of course, as a Muslim, you can not do so and remain a Muslim, under penalty of death – a fact which renders any "religion of peace" argument meaningless.


21st Century Paul Revere Ride

9/11 Families Secure America

A Dummies Guide to Understanding the Fourteenth Amendment

Abolish the H-1B Program

Alamo Alliance

Allan Wall's Website (interesting articles from an American living in Mexico)

Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population (ASAP)

Alternatives to Amnesty: Proposals for Fair and Effective Immigration Reform

American Border Security

American Patriots for Border Security & Internal Enforcement

America In Danger

American Border Patrol

American Engineering Association

American Freedom Riders

American Immigration Control Foundation

American Jobs Coalition

American Labor First

American Patriots for True Equality

American Patrol

Americans for Better Immigration (Links to Numbers USA report card and has FAX contact)

Americans for Immigration Control

Americans Want Immigration Control and Prefer House Approach (results of a Zogby poll)

American Resistance (lots of very interesting pictures)

Anderson Report (Great information by categories – even more than in this report)

Anti-Illegal Immigration Events

Anti-Jihad (page of sites and news)

Azteca Web Page

Black Anthem (Military news on the war on terrorism)

Border Counties (on US - Mexico border; includes cost studies)

Border Fence Project

Border Guardians

Boycott Miller

Bumper Stickers & T-shirts

Bureau of Justice Statistics - Data for analysis - Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts

Byte Show

Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Carrying Capacity Network

Center for American Unity

Center for Immigration Studies

Center for Security Policy

Choose Black America

Citizen Caucus

Citizens for a Secure Border (have comprehensive set of charts and graphs)

Citizens for Immigration Reform

Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

Coalition for a Secure Driver's License

Coalition for the Future American Worker

Common Sense on Mass Immigration (A collection of essays on aspects of the problem)

Congress.Org (Identifies Local, State, Congressional and Federal Agency officials)

Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus (The few in Govt. trying to solve the problem)

Congressman Tom Tancredo's Web Site (Tancredo is leading the fight in the House.)

Congress and Illegal Immigration (is posting this report that you can link to)

Conservative Voice

Corruption on the Border

Crispus Attucks Brigade –Beyond Borders (Great news site for info not reported elsewhere)

Dan Stien Report

Daniel Pipes (info on the threat from radical Islam)

Dave Gaubatz (info on terrorist sleeper cells in USA)

Day Laborers

Deport Aliens

Deputy David March (memorial site to slain officer)

Desert Invasion - U.S.

Dhimmi watch (the "freedoms" under Sharia Law)

Dhimmitude Organization (details the status of non-Muslims under Muslim rule)

Diggers Realm (lots of immigration & security news)

Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America

Dustin Inman Society

Eagle Forum

East Bay Security Coalition

Eco Future – Population and Sustainability

Escaping Justice

Fallen Heroes (a site devoted to cops killed in the line of duty)

Family Security Matters

Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

FIRE Coalition

For the Cause (Good sorted info and archives of Lou Dobbs' videos)

Freedom Center (David Horowitz's site)

Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement

Friends of the Border Patrol

Frosty Wooldridge (one of the earlier Paul Revere's on the issue)

Full Disclosure Network

Get My Country Back

Gilchrist's Angels

Grassfire's STOP the INVASION (petition)

Grass Tops USA

HavenWorks-US Immigration News

Heather MacDonald (one of the premier columnists writing about the "dark side")

Help Save Virginia (good list of national and local news as well as Opinion and Editorials)

High Desert Minutemen

Hispanic Tips (see News and Immigration section)

Illegal Aliens.US

Illegal Employers

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition

Illegal Immigration Bumper Stickers

Illegal Immigration Facts

Illegal Immigrant Protest

Immigration Counters (Have a number of counters based on very conservative estimates)

Immigration Daily News

Immigration in a Changing Economy - California's Experience (a RAND report)

Immigration Insanity

Immigration Online

Immigration Stance (Find Out Where Your Congressional Representative Stands)

Immigration Watch Canada

Immigration Watchdog

Immigration's Human Cost

Immvasion (politically incorrect cartoons)

Independent Conservative

In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security (Tom Tancredo's book)

Invading America

Jihad Watch (Robert Spencer's site regarding the threat of radical Islam)

Judicial Watch

Kris Eggle (memorial to slain park ranger)

La Port County Task Force

Landmark Legal Foundation

La Voz de Aztlan

Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR) (Organization of Hispanic patriots)

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

Liberty Post (News source – good info on Immigration/Borders with discussion)

Limits To Growth

Known Gangs - Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Lou Dobbs - CNN

Michelle Malkin

Midwest Minutemen

Migration Dialogue

Miller Boycott

Minuteman Border Fence

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Minuteman HQ

Minuteman Party

Minuteman Project

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens

National Border Patrol Council (hosts numerous videos on the subject)

National Center for Public Policy Research

Negative Population Growth

New Frontier Coalition

No Amnesty

No Invaders

No More Amnesty

Norm Matloff's Immigration Forum (good collection of articles and information)

Numbers USA (Has a congressional report card and & FAX contact)

Officer Down News

Old Yeller

Ohio Jobs & Justice (has a big listing of recent crimes committed by illegal aliens)

One Old Vet

One Simple Idea – Illegal Immigration (Good collection of statistics and links)

Organization for the Rights of American Workers

Outsource Congress

Outsource Outrage (Info and videos on jobs that were outsourced)

Over Population Organization

Patriot Watchdog

Paul Revere Society (Michael Savage's site)

Pew Hispanic Center

Population-Environment Balance

Population Research Institute

Predatory Aliens

Pro English (Official English language advocates)

Project USA

Protect America Now

Protect Our Border

Ranch Rescue

Renew America (Alan Keyes' site)

Report and Deport

Report Illegals

Rescue American Jobs

Right March

Right Source

Say NO to Mexico

Save Our State

Secured Borders USA (Get, sign, and notarize the petition!)

Send a Brick (Exactly what the name says – build the fence!)

Senseless Planet (Illegal immigration is just one of the problems)

Social Contract Press (see booklet: Common Sense on Mass Immigration)

Sprawl City ("A website about Consumption & Population growth")

Stand Up for America

Stein Report ("The Best Darned Immigration News" Amen.)

Stop Amnesty (Inactive site but has some good archival info)

Stop Illegals Info (Good source of facts in summary

Stop SPP & NAU

Stop the North American Union

Stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Summary of Important Facts about Immigration

Support Border Controls

Take Back Georgia

Team America

Tell the Children the Truth (about radical Islam)

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico (too good not to reference!)

Terrorism Research Center

Terry Anderson Show

The American Cause (Pat Buchanan's site)

The American Conservative

The American Resistance (Good summaries on the issues and lots of pictures)

The Case Against Immigration (The moral, economic, social, and environmental reasons for reducing US immigration back to traditional levels. 362 pages. Free.)

The Conservative Voice

The Garrett Hardin Society ("A finite world can support only a finite population")

The Immigration Portal (check the discussion board)

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

The Manhattan Institute (home of Heather MacDonald and others)

The Officer Down Memorial Page

The Religion of Peace (all about Islam – believe it or else)

The Size and Characteristics of the Unauthorized Migrant Population in the US (A Pew Hispanic Center report. Note that they consider all illegal aliens to be "migrant workers.")

The Truth About Islam (by a former Muslim)

The United American Committee (primarily focus is on confronting Islamic extremism)

TORAW (The Organization for the Rights of American Workers) (Conservative news and commentaries)

Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics (a Pew Hispanic Center Report)

United Citizens of America

United for a Sovereign America

United Patriots of America

United States Citizens for Immigration Enforcement

United States FM

United States Immigration Reform PAC

US Border Alert

US Border Control (great legislative and media contact info and news summary)

US Border Report – Migration Across the Mexican Border (good collection of statistics)

US Border Security

U.S. Border Watch

U.S. Citizens for Immigration Enforcement

U.S. Department of Justice -Bureau of Justice Statistics

U.S. English

US Illegal Aliens (a posting of this report by Digger's Realm)

U.S. Immigration Reform PAC

USA Border Alert

USA Wake Up

Veterans for Secure Borders

Vietnamese for Fair Immigration


Victims of Illegal Aliens

Vietnamese for Fair Immigration

Violent Crimes Institute

Wake Up America!

Wake up America Foundation

Washingtonians for Immigration Reform

Watchdog America

We Hate Gringos (details some of the darker side of illegal immigration)


We need a fence

We the People Boycott

What's Your Allegiance

Workplace Watchdog

Worlds Reality

You Don't Speak for Me! (Hispanic Americans against illegal immigration) (comprehensive information on work visas)



Arizona Border Watch

Citizens Against Illegal Immigration (Arizona)

Concerned Citizens Network of Arizona

Protect Arizona Now

The Anderson Report - Southeast Arizona Regional Update

Yes On Prop 200 (Arizona 2004 initiative)


Americans for an Immigration Moratorium (Arkansas)


California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Defend California

Golden Gate Minutemen

San Diego Border Alert

Mohave Minutemen

California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Californians for Population Stabilization

Sierrans for US Population Stabilization


Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR)

Colorado Minutemen Project

Ranch Rescue - Colorado

Save Colorado Now (ballot initiative to deny services to illegals)

Sovereignty Colorado

Colorado Watch, Evergreen, email: coloradowatch at


CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Tri-state Immigration Moratorium


Floridians for Immigration Enforcement

Southwest Florida Minutemen

Floridians for a Sustainable Population

Silent Majority of Florida


Georgians for Immigration Reduction

Georgia Crime Watch


Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (I.F.I.R.E.)


Chicago Minuteman Project


Kansas Alliance for Immigration Reform


Immigration Reform for Oklahomans Now (IRON)


Minnesotans For Sustainability

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform


Maryland Minuteman


Massachusettes Immigration Reform


Minnesotan Minutemen

Minnesotans For Sustainability

Minnesotans Immigration Reform

Minnestotans Seeking Immigration Reform


Mississippi F.I.R.E.


New Hampshire Citizens for Sustainable Population


United Patriots of America

Tri-state Immigration Moratorium


Northern New Mexico Minuteman


Tri-state Immigration Moratorium

Sachem Quality of Life


Emigration Party of Nevada

Las Vegas Minutemen


Carolinians for Immigration Reform

N.C. Action Club

NC Listen


Ohio Jobs & Justice


Alternatives to Growth Oregon

Oregon Conservative

Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR)


Pennsylvanians Against Illegal Immigration (PAII)


Carolinians for Immigration Reform


Tennesseans for Immigration Reform

Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Politics


Texans for Fair Immigration, Inc. (TFFI)

Texans for Immigration Reform

Texas Border Watch

Immigration Reform - Dallas


Utah League of Citizens for Immigration Reform

Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (UFIRE)


Virginia Coalition for Immigration Reform

Help Save Virginia

Help Save Herndon


Citizens for Washington

Alternatives to Growth Washington


Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration  


(there are many more. Check the links sections in these)

American Job Blog

Beyond Borders Blog

Counterrorism Blog

Freedom Folks

Lone Wacko Blog

Michelle Malkin's Immigration Blog

Operation Great Wall


Uncooperative Blogger

Watch Blog (news and forums across the ideological spectrum)

Where' Your Brain?


Liberty Post (news with discussion)

Close Borders (Yahoo Group)

Anti-Immigration Debate (Yahoo Group)

Free Republic2 (Yahoo Group)

H1B Fraud (Yahoo Group)

Immigration Revolt (Yahoo Group)

Protect America Now (Yahoo Group)

Protect Our Border Now (Yahoo Group)

USA for Americans 101(Yahoo Group)

USA Border Alert (AOL Group)

Save Our State (AOL Group)

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